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The Food x Caste workshop by Rahee Punyashloka, The Big Fat Bao, and Shubhra Chatterji is an online-workshop of six sessions that will take place over six weeks. These six sessions are designed to - through talks, presentations, readings, sharing, discussions, reflections, and activities, explore themes related to Food studied through the lens of Caste.We have designed each session of the workshop to explore a unique theme that we hope - in the collective addressing of it - helps us not only read our past with more accuracy but understand why we eat what we eat and how we eat it, today.


Registrations for this workshop are now closed.

If you would like us to send you an email notification when we announce the next workshop, please send an email from the Contact Me page.

About the organizers

Rahee Punyashloka is a writer, artist, researcher, and filmmaker based out of Bhubaneswar and New Delhi.  His works have been exhibited in numerous venues including International Film Festival Rotterdam, Tribeca Film Festival (New York), ARKIPEL (Jakarta), Ishara Art Foundation (Dubai), MAP (Bangalore), Arts House (Melbourne) among others. He has been developing a series of creative nonfiction writings under the epithet 'To Be Dalit, and Eat' which examine the complex interactions between caste and food. Some of the pieces can be read here and here.


Bao is a Mumbai-based illustrator and design researcher whose work focuses on the impact of caste on design, food, gender, and ecology and the propagation of casteist cultural narratives through them. Through their work, they challenge the Brahmanical roots of Indian design by creating vibrant visuals that provoke dialogue and inspire change. Rooted in anti caste values, their illustrations and research serves as a catalyst for breaking the Brahmanical roots of Indian design and for reimagining more inclusive and pluriversal futures. You can find their work here, here and here.


Shubhra Chatterji is a researcher, writer, and filmmaker.  She has created several narrative non-fiction series notably Lost Recipes, and Chakh Le India. She has directed the six-part docu-series Rainbow Rishta  for Amazon Prime Video India. She has also authored the experimental play New India Lodge - an immersive theatrical dining experience. Presently, her research fouses  on Food, Gender, and Representation, with a specific interest in subaltern food histories. Shubhra is also a co-founder of Tons Valley Shop which works on fostering community empowerment and sustainable farming practices, with a specific emphasis on empowering women farmers and producers.

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