#HistoryOnAPlate Fundraiser Lecture Series


Chatti Tales with Chef Regi Mathew



Chatti Tales with Chef Regi Mathew aka ‘What I discovered in 3 years, 265 homes and 70 toddy shops on a gourmet journey through my beloved state, Kerala.’ You want in, don’t you? Chef Regi Mathew is champion of ethnic cuisine and this journey is what he undertook before he designed the menu at Kappa Chakka Kandhari, his popular Kerala cuisine restaurant in Chennai and Bangalore, a tribute to a mother’s cooking. If we can’t eat at Kappa Chaka Kandhari right now, we can try to make up a little by hearing him speak of the inspiration and research behind his food. This talk – our fifth and final #HiostoryOnAPlate Fundraiser Talk - shall bring Kerala's hidden culinary stories to light. From the northern beaches of the Malabar, to the ingenious food of plantation estates, and the hug-in-a-plate that is south Kerala cuisine and all the ingredients and techniques that lie therein. Chef Regi is all set to take us back to his mom’s backyard in interior Kerala, and from there journey back to a network of home-cooks and toddy shop chefs who have been the faithful guardians of Kerala cuisine. There will be conversations about coconut, kodampuli, pepper, bananas, and fish – but there will also be stories about clams and mussels, duck, erachi, and a unique range of tubers local to the state. We’re hungry already.


(This talk shall be conducted on Google Meets, and will be recorded,

and a link to the recording will be shared with all participants.)


The #HistoryOnAPLate Fundraiser Lecture-Series is a bunch of talks to raise funds for Covid relief, in collaboration with (my favourite) scholars, researchers, and writers who work in the food space, and chefs. They will each speak about subjects they are masters of. And in turn, with the sale of tickets for these online talks, we hope to raise funds that will go to non-profits working on Covid Relief.

The tickets are priced at Rs. 750 each, and there are 50 tickets available for each talk. Click on the link below to purchase the tickets.


June 12, 2021


 4 pm to 6 pm IST





Rs 750 per participant

If you want to register for this workshop from outside India, please click the link below and fill out the form. A payment link will be sent by email and mobile number via SMS.

Please register your interest by 9 pm IST, June 10, 2021. The payment link will be issued by 11 am IST, June 11, 2021. You will have to make the payment by 9 am IST, June 12, 2021.


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The proceeds from organising this lecture series is being used to support COVID-19 2021 relief by verified NGOs. 

With our first three Fundraiser Talks we have raised Rs. 111,500/- with which we are supporting the following Non-Profits:

Help Poor Voluntary Trust (Srinagar) - Rs. 20,000

Protsahan India Foundation (New Delhi) - Rs. 18,000

Swabhiman Society (Haryana) - Rs. 10,000

Kalap Trust (Uttarakhand) - Rs. 61,500