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Dastarkhwan 101
The Food of the Nawabs of Hindoostaan
(with a preamble of what came before (the Mughal Dastarkhwan))

With Salma Yusuf Husain, Shubhra Chatterji

Guest Speakers:
Mehru Jaffer (Awadh)
Kulsum Begum (Hyderabad)
Ayesha Ali Khan (Bhopal)




Day 1, 16th Jan, Sun 4pm    

Food of Sultans and Mughals: a preamble to what came after with Salma Apa

Day 2, 22nd Jan, Sat 4pm    

The Delhi Dastarkhwan: Eating in Shahjahanabad - Then to Now with Salma Apa

Day 3, 23rd Jan, Sun 4pm    

Readings & Reflections on the Khana-e-Khaas & Khana-e-Aam in Mughal Hindustan with Shubhra

Day 4, 29th Jan, Sat 4pm    

Flavours of Awadh with Salma Apa with inputs from Mehru Jaffer

Day 5, 30th Jan, Sun 4pm    

A Nizami Feast, and the food of the Salar Jung Family with Salma Apa and Kulsum Begum

Day 6, 5th Feb, Sat 4pm    

The Begum’s Banquet (Bhopal)  with Salma Apa and Ayesha Ali Khan

Day 7, 6th Feb, Sun 4pm    

Exploring the Culinary Culture of Other Nawabi Principalities: Arcot, Zainabad, Tonk, Surat, Rampur
with Salma Apa


The sessions will be in a mix of Urdu, Hindi, and English, Q&A will be in English
A Whatsapp group will be created for the period of the sessions.

All talks shall be conducted on Google Meets, and will be recorded, and a link to the recording will be shared with all participants. Recordings will be accessible till 28th February, 2022.

About #HistoryOnAPlate Lecture Series:

The #HistoryOnA Plate Lecture-Series is a platform to support quality research on Indian Food, and bring it to an audience via weekend lectures - sometimes a single lecture, other times a lecture-series -  with researchers, writers, scholars, chefs, and those besotted by the incredible behemoth that is the culinary culture of India.

We change a basic fee (the price of a cup of coffee and a sandwich at your favourite coffee shop, per session) for these lectures to enable us to support our resource persons in their work.
The rest of the proceeds from each lecture support the work of our non-profit, Kalap Trust,
in the Tons Valley of Uttarakhand.

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