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Welcome to the very first #HistoryOnAPlate deep-dive, which we are – at the suggestion of one of our wonderful speakers calling not a deep-dive, but a ‘deep-dish’ – slow cooked, layered, and with intense pockets of flavours!


'Desi Cultures - How India Ferments' is the first of what we hope will be a compelling series of intensive weekend-seminars that have us looking at the vast and exciting culinary culture of India through different lenses. This time
that lens is Fermentation.

Why Fermentation?

Because it’s there. Everywhere.

In your kitchens right now, there live millions of microbes living and multiplying in your dahi, chaas, dosa batter or chapati atta. Fermentation is not exotic, it’s every-day. We love our Kombuchas, Kefirs, and Kimchi, but we also love our Kaladi, Kachampulli, and Kanji, and this an effort to get beneath the skin of Desi Fermentation Practices.

What can you expect?

THREE days, FIFTEEN speakers and over TWENTY hours of talks, demos, screenings, and fermentation workshops, on everything Desi Culture, with some of the finest minds on the Indian Food Scene, like Dr. Kurush Dalal, Sangeeta Khanna, Aditya Raghavan, Krish Ashok, Saee Koranne Khandekar, Aaron Lobo, Mansi Jasani, Kashmiri Nath, Deepa Reddy, Payal Shah, Dr. Mahesh Sabade, and more.


The keynote is by a very special guest Sandor Ellix Katz, author of the book 'Wild Fermentation' and one of the leading voices of fermentation in the world.

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All-day, 10 am to 8:30 pm IST


Detailed 3-Day Schedule:


Speaker Profiles


The proceeds from organising Desi Cultures, will be used to support Kalap Trust (, a non-profit organization working on rural healthcare, education and livelihood generation in the remote upper Tons Valley of Uttarakhand, India.
Kalap Trust is founded and run by Anand Sankar, (husband of Shubhra aka Historywali)

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